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5/14/2024: Spring 2024 AC Press Release

5/1/2024: Call for Public Comment - AC Policies and Procedures Spring 2024

2/28/2024: CHEA 2024 Press Release

11/13/2023: Fall AC 2023 Press Release

9/28/2023: 2023 Frank Murray Recognition | Watch the Video!

8/18/2023: CHEA Call for Third Party Comment

7/13/2023: CAEP Names New Members to Board of Directors

6/30/2023: Call for Papers - Recipe for Success

6/28/2023: CAEP Summary Governance and Accreditation Policy Changes effective July 1, 2023

5/22/2023: Spring 2023 Accreditation Decisions

1/13/2023: CAEP Accreditation Process

1/13/2023: What Makes CAEP Exceptional

12/23/2022: CAEP Summary Governance and Accreditation Policy Changes 12-31-22

11/30/2022: Fall 2022 Accreditation Decisions

9/14/2022: Frank Murray Recognition

8/25/2022: CK 8-22 Shortage and Standard

7/1/2022: New Board Members

6/30/2022: New CAEP Board Officers

6/30/2022: Summary of Accreditation Policy and Procedures Amendment effective July 1, 2022

6/9/2022: Educator Preparation Programs for Digital Equity and Transformation Inaugural Event

6/6/2022: Spring 2022 Accreditation Decisions

5/6/2022: Joint Statement on Teacher Appreciation

11/12/2021: Fall 21 Accreditation Council

10/28/2021: New York State Agreement

10/8/2021 : Frank Murray Recipients

6/2/2021: 60 Schools from 26 States Recognized for National Excellence in Educator Prep

5/13/2021: AC spring 2021 Election

5/12/2021: Hawaii joins CAEP  

12/9/2020: Fall 2020 Standards Revision Press Release

11/13/2020: Fall 2020 Accreditation Council National Press Release

10/15/2020:  Frank Murray Recognition

7/9/2020: CAEP Names Three New Members to Board of Directors

6/5/2020: Spring 2020 Accreditation Council Press Release

6/4/2020: Message from President Christopher Koch 

3/18/2020: CAEP Update on COVID-19

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