Please join us November 16 &17 for Fall CAEPCon 2021 Added Workshops.

We’ve sold out both Fall #CAEPCon21 workshops, and additional workshops are NOW AVAILABLE. If you were unable to attend either the October 7 Self Study Report workshop or October 8 Responding to the Formative Feedback Report and Preparing for Your Review workshop, don’t worry we have added additional sessions. Register today slots will fill up fast. 
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Workshop Schedule:

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 | 1pm - 5pm (EST) | Workshop #1: Self-Study Report: A How to Workshop

*$200 per attendee; limited availability

Description: Get ready to write! This workshop is for educator preparation providers preparing to write a self-study report (SSR). Participants are given the opportunity to walk through the process and learn the expectations for content and formatting on the SSR. The workshop focuses on areas where past SSR authors have needed the most assistance.

Does your EPP have an SSR in progress? Bring it to the workshop and use it during exercises. Although the workshop is geared towards EPPs preparing to write the SSR, the presented information is beneficial to anyone in the writing process.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 | 1pm-5pm (EST) | Workshop #2: Responding to the Formative Feedback Report and Preparing for your Review

*$200 per attendee; limited availability

Description: You have completed your self-study report and have received your formative feedback report (FFR). What now? Participants walk through the process of reviewing feedback from their FFR and are provided guidance on how best to respond. In addition, you hear from EPPs that have successfully been through the process, find out how they prepared for their review and developed a rejoinder.

Workshop participants are provided with useful strategies for defending your reports as you meet with Accreditation Council panels and ultimately receive your accreditation.