National Association for Gifted Children / Council for Exceptional Children (NAGC/CEC)

Standards Programs submitting reports must use the 2013 NAGC - CEC Standards
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Option A Program Report Form (2013 Standards)

Option B Program Report Form (2013 Standards)
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As of March 2018, the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) will be discontinuing SPA Program Review with National Recognition. Moving forward, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) will be absorbing the role and responsibilities associated with reviewing Gifted and Talented programs seeking SPA National Recognition.

CEC will continue to serve as the SPA for Special Education Program Review as well. Gifted & Talented Preparation Programs will continue to use the 2013 NAGC-CEC SPA Standards to submit reports (Initial, Response to Conditions, and Revised Reports) through at least 2020. The NAGC SPA expectations for writing and reviewing the reports would continue to apply while the 2013 standards are in use, until the adoption of new standards. Starting in spring 2018, programs that receive national recognition using the 2013 NAGC-CEC standards will be listed on the CAEP website as nationally recognized by CEC-NAGC until the expiration of that status.