The 2013 CAEP Standards

Standards serve as the basis for any accreditor’s review.

The CAEP Standards and their components flow from two principles:

  • Solid evidence that the provider’s graduates are competent and caring educators, and
  • There must be solid evidence that the provider’s educator staff have the capacity to create a culture of evidence and use it to maintain and enhance the quality of the professional programs they offer.

The five CAEP Standards flow from these principles and the standards of evidence that define them are the backbone of the accreditation process. They define quality in terms of organizational performance and serve as the basis for accreditation reviews and judgments.

These drivers of accreditation spring from a broad consensus across a very diverse group of stakeholders: providers, teachers, parents, critics, unions. They were also widely circulated and reviewed. 

The CAEP Standards reflect the voice of the education field – on what makes a quality educator.

Download CAEP Accreditation Standards One-Pager