The Accreditation Council 31418 1130am Bradley Duncan Kim Boyd Kim WaltersParker
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Standard 1A1 Content and Pedagogical Knowledge 31418 1130am Tatiana Rivadeneyra Banhi Bhattacharya
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Infusing Equity and Excellence across the CAEP Standards Meeting the standards and going beyond 31418 1130am Maria del Carmen Salazar Janet Mattern Kim Rotruck
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Practical Strategies for Site Visit Preparation 31418 1130am Roberta RossFisher
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Program Review as Part of the CAEP Accreditation Process SPA Review with National Recognition 31418 2pm Banhi Bhattacharya Mary Ransdell
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Standard 2 Clinical Partnerships and Practice 31418 2pm Gary Railsback Michelle Bicey
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Standard 2A2 Clinical Partnerships and Practice 31418 2pm Tatiana Rivadeneyra Jon MargerumLeys
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Collecting Data from Program CompletersA Discussion of Challenges and Solutions 31418 2pm Stephen Meyer Emma Espel Jeanne Duncan Marcus Childress Al Olson
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Completer Impact Leveraging Case Study Research to Address the Challenges of Standard 4 31418 2pm Sarah Anderson Brittany Hagen
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Keeping Track of CompletersA Case Study Approach 31418 2pm Marilyn Haller Martha Oldenburg Chuck Roberts
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