Providers must fulfill the following eligibility criteria in order to submit a proposal for review:

  • Be in full accreditation status seeking continuing accreditation with no unmet standards and few, if any, areas for improvement;
  • Have all applicable programs recognized by the appropriate affiliated specialized professional associations (SPA) or approved by the state; and
  • Commit to providing evidence in annual reports of program impact and outcomes that demonstrate the provider continues to meet professional standards with no substantive provider changes resulting in lowered performance.
  • Commit to providing progress reports on the Transformation Initiative in annual reports.
  • Prior written approval and support of the CAEP partner state education agency.

A provider should submit a Transformation Initiative Request for Proposals (RFP) up to five years prior to its scheduled accreditation visit date. The CAEP Research Committee reviews proposals using the criteria in the RFP, provides feedback to the provider, and makes a determination of the capacity and readiness of the provider to engage in a Transformation Initiative pathway to accreditation.