A data-driven “Selected Improvement Plan” (SIP) is the distinctive section of the self-study for the provider seeking accreditation under the Selected Improvement (SI) Pathway. The intention of the Selected Improvement Pathway in accreditation is for the provider to demonstrate progress in achieving a higher level of excellence in educator preparation by identifying a CAEP standard(s) or several components across more than one standard as an area selected for improvement. The provider furnishes a rationale for selecting the focal area, presents its current level of performance as baseline data, and sets goals with measurable yearly objectives to show data-driven improvements over time. The emphasis of the plan is in the collection and analysis of data, and interventions that demonstrate substantive improvements.

Progress on the SIP will be reported annually by the provider and evaluated during the subsequent accreditation visit to determine if Components 5.3 and 5.4 of Standard 5 are satisfied. As noted in the CAEP Standards, a provider’s performance under Component 5.3 must be satisfied in order to receive full accreditation.  The CAEP Standards also state throughout that candidates and completers must demonstrate a positive impact on student learning.  In this way, any SIP should provide a direct link to improving program impact as described in Standard 4 as well.